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3dmodelshop.com is a brand new custom website application designed to help connect artists, creators, & content providers of select high-quality 3d Models, Imagery, Textures and more with customers from around the globe. As we grow, both our pool of talent and our catalog will increase. While other 3d sites on the Internet provide a massive, clearing house approach to selling and licensing 3d downloads, our goal is to simplify and clarify the process of seeking out quality content by filtering it from the source. Only professional quality 3d content will be made available through the front end of our site.

Members can search, save and buy licenses of 3d Models and other digital content and then download the asset immediately. Members also have access to free downloads and can, by choice, receive special offers and even a newsletter by email.

Soon, digital artists, photographers and other content providers will be able to apply for 'Vendorship' and will then be able to login and begin to upload and create assets to sell under their own brand name! All the tools for you to manage your content are provided. See our FAQ for more information!

3DModelShop was conceived of and created by Marc Mosel. After working in the digital art field and running his own successful 3D Graphics & Animation Studio, Marc turned his efforts into building and custom programming his vision - 3dmodelshop.com.

We hope that as we grow you will return to 3dmodelshop.com again and again! Thanks for visiting. :)

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