Classic Starter 3D Character Item ID: 022
Created by: 3DModelShop
Keywords: character model, start, base mesh, low polygon, cage, humanoid, person, alien, man
Categories: 3D Models > Characters > Men
Summary: Classic Starter 3D Character Model by 3DModelShop.
Media Type:
3D Models
June 24th, 2006
File Formats:
3ds Max (.max)
Size: 168 KB
Version: 4.2+
Textures: no
Materials: no
Jointed: yes
Animated: no

Classic Starter 3D Character Main Image

Classic Starter Character Model. Included is model only version and an animation ready version!
-comes in 3ds Max 4.2+ format
-Has a biped ready to go
-Physique is already applied
-ready to animate with Character Studio 3.2+

-Or simply use it as a quick start cage for your next character!
-Modifier stack is intact so you have access to the low-rez
polygon cage.
-Quickly reshape or position
-Also great for FPO or quick previz animations!

Note: This model is also available in a collection - To find it search for 'collection' and '3DModelShop'.

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