Gold Tile Item ID: 068
Created by: 3DModelShop
Keywords: gold tile, golden tile, yellow tile, glazed tile, floor tile, counter tile, bath tile
Categories: Textures > Crafted Surfaces > Tiles
Summary: Gold Tile texture is a nice, tileable texture that looks great. Also includes a bump map.
Media Type:
November 18th, 2006
File Formats:
JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
Size: 165 KB
Color Depth:
24 bit
Image Height:
400 px
Image Width:
400 px
Tileable: yes
Alpha Channel: no
Layers: no
Animated: no

Gold Tile Main Image

Gold Tile texture by 3DModelShop. This texture tiles perfectly and is 400 x 400 px. It includes a bump map. Looks great on floors, walls, baths, counters, you name it. You can change the color in Photoshop or like software.
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