Grass and Dirt 01 Item ID: 077
Created by: 3DModelShop
Keywords: grass texture, dirt texture, grass dirt texture, grass photo, grass dirt, grass ground
Categories: Textures > Natural > Ground > Grass
Summary: Grass and Dirt is a high-quality photo-based texture that tiles seamlessly.
Media Type:
November 21st, 2006
File Formats:
JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
Size: 231 KB
Color Depth:
24 bit
Image Height:
562 px
Image Width:
750 px
Tileable: yes
Alpha Channel: no
Layers: no
Animated: no

Grass and Dirt 01 Main Image

Grass and Dirt 01 by 3DModelShop. This high-quality photo-based texture is medium resolution, and it tiles very nicely. Looks great for 3d scenes needing good looking grassy areas.
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